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Simple and Affordable

Going in for surgery, leaving for vacation or just wanting to cross “estate planning” off your list? At Same Day Wills, we can help you with your Powers of Attorney, Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Revocable Trust, Property Deed, LLC and many other services.

We keep the process simple. We discuss your individual situation and draft documents tailored to your needs at an affordable price. Planning for death and incapacity can be stressful, let us help you keep it simple and affordable.


Will Package

We will draft your healthcare, durable, and mental health powers of attorney, last will and testament, personal property list, advanced directives, funeral and burial instructions, and HIPAA waiver

Healthcare and Financial Power of Attorney

We will draft your Powers of Attorney to help you plan for incapacity

Limited Liability Company

We will draft and incorporate your single member LLC


We will help you with informal and formal probate after the passing of a loved one

Revocable Trust Package

We will draft your trust, certificate of power and authority, last will and testament, deed for primary residence and all other ancillary documents included in the will package

Living Will

We will draft your living will to help your care team follow your directions when you can advocate for yourself

Property Deeds

We will draft your deed to keep your house out of probate

Family Law

We will draft your family court documents

Don't Put it Off Any Longer

Let Same Day Wills keep your estate plan simple and affordable. Skip the forms, get a customized and comprehensive estate plan for less than DIY costs.